There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph

Intro (Sentimental Journey) : Pressed closely to the window, William Taylor tried his best to find some sort of comfort in the seat he’d taken as he stared aimlessly at miles of trees that seemed to blend together without interruption. He’d tuned out the sounds around him hours before, wondering when this part of hisContinue reading “There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph”

#Halloween Repost : So The Myth Goes [“Prayer Lake” Intro] by Cortney Joseph

The villagers watched on with a mixture of relief and fear flowing around them. Before long, the fire had engulfed the large, plantation style home that had been owned by the great Rideau family. One of the last of their descendants, burned with it.

Back On Wattpad

So as I get back into writing, I’m going to be tackling numerous things at once. In case my mind gets stuck on one thing, I’ll have others to turn to. I’ve found that works best for me when I’m not dealing with a bad case of writer’s block. Anyway, one of the projects I’veContinue reading “Back On Wattpad”

He Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph

Guitar case in hand, Daniel Lawson stood straight, head lowered and eyes to the ground as his father circled him at a pace that seemed to drag like the time. It had been years since he felt the heat of his father’s eyes searing a hole into him. The silence bothered him most, left himContinue reading “He Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph”

She Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the first character introduction chapter from my new Wattpad novel, If You Stay. You can read the story, as it is shared via my wattpad account. ______________________________ Standing in the middle of her childhood bedroom, Maliyah Williams could only stare in silence in all that changed and all that hadn’t in theContinue reading “She Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph”

Someone’s Watching (Novel Intro) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the intro to “Someone’s Watching“, book 1 in my upcoming Gaitland University Series. As I work towards publishing, all four books will be shared in their unedited stages via Wattpad. Feel free to follow along if you enjoy the intros and select chapters that I will be sharing here on MyPenWritesNice.  Continue reading “Someone’s Watching (Novel Intro) by Cortney Joseph”

Simple Girl, Simple Dream by Cortney Joseph

The following is a stand-alone short story, a prelude to the official rewrite of my upcoming novel Fly Girl. Feel free to follow along with the full novel on Wattpad.   __________________________   Torii Mercier slammed her locker shut, wondering how she’d even found herself in random conversation with someone she rarely sat in theContinue reading “Simple Girl, Simple Dream by Cortney Joseph”

When Sundown Comes (Intro) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the intro to a novel I’ve just begun, writing only in hopes of healing and working through my own grief. If you enjoy, you’ll be able to read along as I share new chapters on Wattpad.   _______________   Grief is such a strange emotion; brings about an array of thoughts, feelings,Continue reading “When Sundown Comes (Intro) by Cortney Joseph”

#ShortStoryAugust Spotlight : @MO0N_CH1LD

Hey! So, if you have been reading the stories I’ve been posting these past few days, and you’ve been enjoying them; then have I got a treat for you all. A friend of mine has tapped into the challenge with a story of her own, and I am so excited to share! “Broken Pieces” beginsContinue reading “#ShortStoryAugust Spotlight : @MO0N_CH1LD”