Wedding Day Drama by Cortney Joseph

September 3rd, 2013 | 7 p.m. __________   “Yes! I said it! MY DAUGHTER IS TOO GOOD FOR YOUR SON! And I know that she will live to regret this day! She didn’t even want this day to happen!” Adrian dropped and shook his head at the sound of his father-in-law’s voice. “You REALLY thinkContinue reading “Wedding Day Drama by Cortney Joseph”

Runaway Bride |by Cortney Joseph

She stood, staring blankly as the world began to close in on her. The bright colors chosen began to blend, and then all she could see was grey. A shadow of gloom overtook the moment. Varying scents of perfume wafting through the room became unbearable, tears welling and threatening to spill from the ducts ofContinue reading “Runaway Bride |by Cortney Joseph”

The Big Day by Cortney Joseph

Isaiah took a deep breath, looking towards the aisle where the love of his life would be walking towards him. As nervous and scared as he’d always been to get married, he couldn’t wait to call Nina his wife. He’d known since they day he first met her that they’d get to this moment, and now that it had come, he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together, to continue growing together.