One Year In And It Feels Like…

… my whole world is still crumbling and falling around me. I could ramble off the titles of a million and one songs, and all will be applicable to what life for 365 days without my little brother has felt like.

Each day is supposed to get better, easier; but truthfully, you’re just waking up everyday hoping you don’t have some sort of breakdown in public. I’ve had two, both at work in the middle of the night.

The time within this single year seemed to fly right by and yet each singular second feels as if it just drags with the reminder that it’s just me. Everyday it’s just me.

I miss him, and I always will.

I love him, and I hope I’ll always be able to laugh or smile when talking about him and reserve more of those tears for our talks in private.

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Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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